Fish Table Games Secrets

You’re reading this article because you might have been searching for fish table game secrets to improve your winning chances. The fish game has attracted many online casino players over the recent past due to its valuable prizes and beautiful interface. Today, some online casinos feature fish games. That means you can play this game from the comfort of your office or home. And playing this game online is easy for some people. However, some players don’t know how to win this fish shooting game. Perhaps, you want to earn money while having fun as you play this game. In that case, try these fish table tricks to enhance your chance of winning.


    Trick 1: Target the Fish That Have Left the Table

    Some fish die on coming out due to the way a player adjusts the firing machine. As such, you should pay attention and calculate wisely to shoot them once they come out. Once you learn to calculate the chances or probability that a fish dies this way, you will only have to watch or carry out the corners’ loading of the table as you wait for every fish that comes out. To get your mission point, use a small fish whisker with this hack.

    Trick 2: Play Ballpoint

    This is one of the most effective fish table hacks. It entails increasing the bullets that you fire at a go. For instance, you can shoot some bullet in the wall so that it bounces back to the fish. Although the bullet may not arrive, you fire it directly at a fish. At the same time, you ensure that you have two bullets aiming at the fish. And this increases the probability of killing that fish. This trick increases the probability of a dead fish. But, it may require more bullets, though the likelihood of having a dead fish will be higher if it moves towards a corner.

    Trick 3: Control Your Shooting Speed

    Use slow speed to shoot a small fish. Also, ensure that your bullet has a low level since you can kill small fish with all these. But, when shooting a bigger fish, increase your firing level. Ideally, increase your shooting speed gradually to ensure that you collect more points from your bullets by the time you shoot the 100th bullet.

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    Trick 4: Increase Your Ammunition Amount Gradually

    Use this fish table hack during the compensation round. Here, the series of fish in the arcade will be running across your gaming device’s screen. As such, you can start shooting your bullet amount higher and up. If lucky to kill 2 fish, you kill the third one too. For instance, if you kill two fish using the fifth bullet, your hundredth bullet will kill the last fish that you shoot. Thus, the last fish will have a higher dying probability. 

    Trick 5: Use Algorithms When Shooting the Fish

    Sophisticated players have the algorithm they use to adjust bullets near the probability of having a fish dead. The algorithm ranks bullets from one to the nth bullet. The first bullet dies the numbers 2, 3, and 4, while bullet 2 dies the numbers 3 and 9. Bullet 3 dies number 6 only. But, this can change depending on the situation. When the dying fish percentage is big, the player wins faster.

    Trick 6: Use the Mustache Tactics

    Some players focus on shooting bigger fish, hoping to garner more points. As such, they ignore the small fish in the arcade. But, this is a wrong strategy for playing this game. Ideally, this approach may not kill any fish, and you might lose bullets and points. Remember that the machine won’t reward you a score if a fish dies due to stray bullets. A bullet-fish is the one that dies from stray bullets. Therefore, consider a small angle of a fish to excel in a mass shooting and kill more fish.

    Trick 7: Be Slow But Shoot Fast

    This is another effective approach among various fish table game cheats. Most players are eager to shoot the big fish. Unfortunately, these are the targets that most people aim at. To enhance your winning chances, slow down and focus on the ones you’re almost sure you will shoot. That means the infected spot will be yours in case the fish dies. That way, you can save your bullets.

    Shooting the big fish means you will be competing for the same infected spot with other players. And you will also spend more bullets on the same fish. And if you have a lower bullet amount than your opponent, you will have a higher losing probability. Thus, you won’t get the sweepstakes. To ensure proficiency playing, shoot your bullets gradually, and you will earn more after shooting for a few minutes.

    Trick 8: Target the Alone Fish

    If you spot a fish swimming alone, shoot it. That way, you will avoid shooting and wasting many bullets. What’s more, you can use medium and small bullets instead of big bullets on such fish. Additionally, if every player shoots up to 5 bullets on the small fish and they don’t die, it means they are away. Therefore, avoid shooting them because you’re wasting your coins.


    These are effective gambling fish table cheats that you can try to enhance your winning chances. Nevertheless, take your time to understand this game before you start playing. Know how the machine works and rewards players. That way, you can use tricks that best work for you.

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