Thunder Dragon Fish Shooting Game

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The Thunder Dragon skill fish game is the latest installment in IGS’s Ocean King 2 fish shooting game series. It allows up to 8 players in the game and is aimed at new and seasoned fish shooters. It features 28 fish species that you’ll aim to catch, each one offering different point rewards.

Besides using your gun to win the sweepstake, Thunder Dragon offers special modes that boost the ante. Double time raises the odds and gives you a chance to increase your point ratio right away. Hopper speed supports 10 ms, while Fire Storm odds reach 300x!

The player uses a stick to aim their gun at the fish and catch them. You can play Thunder Dragon online for real money or try the demo for free. It’s another great offer with special bonus rounds from IGS that will appeal to first-timers and seasoned shooters.

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    Thunder Dragon Design

    Thunder Dragon features a traditional arcade game design IGS fans will appreciate. Every gun is located in the screen’s corners, with the fish swimming in the middle. The gambling starts when you insert the coin, after which the demo ends. And this is how you can enter the fish hunting game for money.

    As expected, Thunder Dragon looks pretty solid. It will be a familiar sight to everyone who enjoys fish shooting games regularly. It is available as an upgrade kit to convert Ocean Monster, so it looks similar to that arcade game series.

    The sound effects are on point, too, with coins clanking as you hit fish and on-point sound effects for the cannons.

    Main Features

    The main feature in the Thunder Dragon fish table game is the Lightning Fish species. These can be:

    Unlike the ‘normal’ fish species, catching these will trigger a lightning chain which brings more points. The Lightning Chain feature will automatically catch fish for the player until the time runs out. This is the simplest way to win a lot of points in Thunder Dragon, but of course, it doesn’t come your way all the time.

    How to Set Up for the Thunder Dragon Fish Shooting Game

    The goal of Thunder Dragon and any other fish game is to shoot the species of fish swimming on the screen. In this game, there are 28 different ones, each one with a specific point count. You use cannons or guns or other special weapons to shoot the fish and catch them. The Lightning Fish is the most valuable one in this arcade game. Besides scoring more points when you hit it, you will also trigger the Lightning Chain feature that catches fish automatically for you.

    Shooting and aiming are done with a stick. Press the shoot button in quick succession to shoot faster and hopefully hit more fish. Thunder Dragon uses a traditional fish game design, so no player should have trouble going fish hunting.

    If you’re not ready to play for real money, you can try the game for free or watch the demo to see how it goes.

    How to Catch a Winning Strike in Thunder Dragon

    In order to win the big points in Thunder Dragon, your best bet is to trigger a Lightning Chain. As mentioned earlier, this is possible by hitting the Lightning Fishes, which include octopuses, lobsters, lionfish, and many more. Catching them will set off a lightning chain which will continue catching fish automatically until the timer runs out.

    The Thunder Dragon fish game table also comes with bonus rounds. Each of them is a mini-game where you can use special weapons or bombs for a limited time to catch more fish.


    Thunder Dragon is yet another perfect shot by IGS. The Thunder Dragon fish arcade machine offers plenty of fun with several bonus rounds and the Lightning Chain feature that guarantees high point scores.

    If you love fish shooting games, you shouldn’t miss the Ocean King series. Thunder Dragon may be the top game in it, so grab hold of your gun and enjoy the underwater shooting adventure!