Fish Table Game Strategies

Fish table games make a perfect choice when all you need is to have fun and earn money playing arcade games. When you feel too tired and need a game to make you relax and not overthink, a great option is to choose fish table games. However, like most players, you don’t want to spend time to end up with no wins. You need to learn the right fish table game strategy that will help you win real money. To help you out, here are some amazing fish table strategies that will help you win easily:


    Choose Your Fish Table Game Wisely

    Each fish table game is unique and has a varying level of hardness. If you choose to play the harder ones, you may give up even before making a win.

    To avoid this, choose the game with a user-friendly, appealing interface, beautiful sound, and exciting awards. For instance, you’ll find Wild Shark and Columbus Deluxe more exciting than other fish shooting games.

    Understand that Every Fish Point Matters

    For all sweepstakes software games, you’ll find a different process of counting fish points. Some will have 1 point, 2, 4, 7, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, or even 100 points.

    fish table game points

    Instead of going for those with more points, choose those with fewer points as they are an easier target. Also, remember that these fishes have different values depending on their size and swim in different directions.

    Before choosing your target, know the value of the fish so you can earn money. This fish game strategy may seem obvious but really counts.

    Avoid Hidden Fish

    As you play, you’ll discover fish hiding beneath the rocks or under the moss. Do not target these as it is more difficult to shoot.

    Choosing a hard target only means you may end up wasting your bullets and fail to make a win. Instead, choose little fish as they move slowly, and you can hardly miss the target.

    One of the most amazing arcade fishing game tips is always to stay alert. The fish hiding under rocks will come out at some point, and if you shoot them, you’ll make bigger wins.

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    Go for the Big Fish

    Though it is easier to shoot the smaller fishes, the big fish has the highest points. For instance, a bigger fish can earn you up to 200 times what a small fish is worth.

    big fish table game

    So if you are wondering how to beat the fish game, aim big if your bullet points allow it. A single win will compensate all the bullets you shot without winning.

    Now, if you are engaged in a multi-player game, other players are likely after the bigger fish too. As you all shoot in an attempt to weaken it, only the person who releases the killer shot wins the entire prize.

    So, before engaging in the shooting battle, get enough points, so you don’t waste your bullets in vain.

    Try Killing Lonely Fish

    Using only the small or medium bullets, you’ll easily shoot the lonely or smaller fish. However, if after 3-5 gunshots, you haven’t met your target, stop shooting and select another target.

    Remember, any time you shoot and miss the target means you’ve wasted the coins you spent buying the bullets.

    Consider How Fast the Fish Is Moving

    Every fish has its speed, with the smaller fishes being slower compared to the bigger ones. This said, you’ll have better chances of shooting the smaller fishes.

    But this is not one of the simplest fish table strategies because one shot may not kill the fish. If your shot only ends up severely injuring the fish, it is the person that completes the mission that will win.

    So, ensure that your shot is the one that brings down the fish every time.

    Concentrate on Your Game

    Instead of troubling your mind on how to win online fish tables, concentrate on the game. You need to relax, focus, and think of every move.

    Even when you miss a shot, hold your machine with confidence and keep shooting. Who knows? The second shot or the third one could be the game changer!

    To boost your concentration, you also need to keep the game’s volume under control. Let it be cool enough to help you relax and think so you can earn money.

    If there are external happenings likely to distract your gaming, shut them off as well. You can’t afford to lose a chance to hit the giant fish by allowing external forces to distract you.

    Practice, Practice

    Your first attempt at fish table games may not end up well. You miss killing even the smallest fish, but this is not a reason to give up.

    The more times you try your luck, the better you get at the game, and the more the win. Also, don’t forget to study all the game characteristics to know which fish to target first.


    Keep trying!

    One of the greatest tips on how to win on fish tables is not giving up. In the same way that you never give up on other real money casino games, stay put.

    Remember, you are competing against other determined players, and any stray shot is a missed chance to win.

    But even when you lose the first attempt, and the second, and the next one, keep pushing. Your last bullet could be all that was required to kill the giant fish, which amounts to massive wins.

    Don’t forget to keep your focus and concentration, so you don’t miss any chance to make a win. And even when you don’t make a win, shoot some more, and you’ll get a reward for your persistence.

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