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Fortune2Go20 sweepstakes offer a unique gaming experience to anyone who is eager to dive into the world of online gambling. No matter if you are an experienced player or a newbie, Fortune2Go casino is sure to offer everything you expect from gaming: a simple interface, high-quality graphics, a wide range of games for all tastes, a user-friendly investment system, and, of course, a lot of fun. At you can find everything you look for in an online casino: the up-to-date betting system and a great variety of entertaining games. This is a perfect start for everyone who wants to try their luck in a modern and legit online casino.

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    At Fortune2Go casino you are able to make bets with real cash, as well as play for free. Either way, with the mobile app you are able to play anytime and from any part of the world. Excited to start? Then here is everything you need to know about Fortune to Go sweepstakes.

    User Interface

    The interface of is offered to players in two languages – English and Spanish. With the mobile app, you have the opportunity to play anywhere, choosing from skill to sweepstakes games. As long as you log in as a customer, Fortune2Go instantly provides you with the choice of various games that are available at the moment.

    Before starting your game you can get acquainted with the betting system and also special bonuses that are offered to you. If you take a look at the bottom of the screen you will see the panel that automatically counts your number of wins, entries, bonuses, and FPs. You can also get additional information about bonuses and FPs if you tap on the icons.

    Fortune2Go20 also offers a unique and profitable reward program. You can use the referral link from another user to create an account and enter your invitation code in the referral banner to get a 30% bonus for your first deposit. Beside using referral codes from other users, you can also receive your individual URL and invitational code to share with other gamblers who wish to start playing at Fortune2Go20.

    Games Available

    Fortune2go20 app offers a wide choice of games of different types and themes. The games at your disposal are table games, poker, keno, pick’em, fish shooting, 20 lines, and roulette. You can start playing as soon as you’ve created your customer account and logged in. Don’t forget to use the Fortune2Go invitation code from another player before starting a game!

    The games at your disposal are available anywhere and anytime, as long as you have your mobile device near you. Fortune to Go is also beneficial because of its modern interface and quick processing, so you are able to start playing the moment you have logged into your personal account.

    As for the betting system, you can make your bets as soon as you have registered your account, or you can wait as well and try your luck in different games before investing actual cash. Anyway, the main principle is to have fun!

    Fish Shooting Games at Fortune2Go

    ? Name Fortune 2 Go
    ? Number of Slots 6
    ? Number of Fish Tables 3
    ▶️ Mode for Free (Demo), for Real Money
    ? Country United States of America
    ? Language English
    ? Currency US Dollar
    ? Play At  Home Yes
    ? Mobile Andoid, iOS

    Fish Shooting games originated in China, where they are still among the most popular games in the local casino market. What makes them unique is their interface, which is comparatively simple and catchy at the same time. In the Fortune2Go fish games, you have to shoot fish with a special cannon in order to get a reward. Each type of fish has a different rarity and, consequently, an individual amount of prize cash.

    In a fish shooting game, you play alongside several other players, usually in a team of four. The cash you bet at the beginning of a round is used in order to restock the number of bullets you use to shoot fish.

    This game is fun and catching mainly due to its dynamism. The fish catching games at Fortune2Go casino require concentration and a strategy from you, as you have to spend your bullets wisely and not let them go to waste while choosing which fish to shoot. Bear in mind that the number of your shots depends on your stake, so you have to control every shot!

    Fish shooting games continue to gain fans all over the gambling world, as they are intuitively simple and exciting at the same time. At Fortune2Go sweepstakes you can find a great variety of fish shooting games with different themes and captivating graphics. You can always try Fortune2go free play mode, but if you want to win real money, you’ll have to make bets. Once you figure it out, it’s quite easy though, so practice first, and then try your luck.

    Fortune Fishing: God of Fortune

    The God of Fortune fishing game offers you an elegant and well-designed interface that creates a perfect atmosphere as soon as you enter the game. In the Fortune Fishing: God of Fortune at Fortune2Go you have to shoot different types of fish in order to gain rewards. There are different types of fish and each fish gives you a certain amount of points. How easy it is to shoot a particular fish depends on its rarity.

    In this game, it is important to be concentrated on the various types of fish that float across the board and also be aware of additional complications that make the gaming process even more involving – for example, the appearance of the monster octopus!

    The playing process is fun and absorbing due to its dynamism, relative simplicity of the rules, and bright colorful graphics. While playing you can control the direction of your cannon and also change its type from default to double or heavy, depending on the species of fish you want to attack. Don’t forget to watch your cannon and be as accurate as possible each time you’re getting ready to fire a shot!

    Fishing King: Golden Bull

    The Fishing King: Golden Bull fish shooting game mostly follows the same rules that apply to other games of this type. You have to shoot fish using a cannon in order to gain a certain amount of wins and a final reward. You can play by yourself or with three other players, usually chosen randomly.

    Before starting the round you have to choose between five game tables, each of them containing up to four players. As soon as you have done that you are ready to begin playing! You can shoot different types of fish and other marine creatures manually or turn on the LOCK mode. With the LOCK mode on your cannon will attack the targets automatically, but only the ones of the same type.

    Before starting to shoot you can check out the information menu to find out about different types of fish and the number of points you can get from catching each of them. Beside the standard types of fish, there are also unique creatures, such as Bomb Crab, Drill Crab, MegaLaser Crab, and others, which can considerably increase your prize. You can challenge yourself and try to catch some of them!

    You also have the opportunity to shoot the so-called beasts and thus active special combos that will help you to attack different types of fish within range. In the special hint menu you can explore different types of fish and beasts, as well as the number of points you get from catching them.

    Fishing King: Emperor Parade

    In this game, you have the unique opportunity to win the emperor’s treasures just by classic fish shooting. The general rules are the same as in any other fishing game: in the beginning, you take your place at the table of four, but you can start playing immediately regardless of the number of players participating in the round. There is a special menu with hints that will help your better understanding of the playing process.

    To diversify the game you can always customize your cannon, changing its direction and type — from default to double or heavy. There is also a unique mode called Emperor’s Treasure, in which you can try and shoot the Qin Emperor that will appear underwater from time to time. Every time you catch the Qin Emperor you get a chance to obtain a unique treasure and get a random prize!

    If you are lucky enough to capture the Qin Emperor, you may get a chance to activate the Emperor’s Treasure mode. While this mode is active, the Qin Emperor will constantly attack the fish and thus help you to receive additional points.

    Fishing King: Sea Beasts

    The Fishing King: Sea Beasts fishing game is catchy mainly because of the variety of different marine beasts that keep appearing on the board. Here you have an opportunity to catch not only the ordinary fish but also such creatures as IronCrab, DarkLanternfish, MonsterOctopus, Deinosuchus, Tai-Chi Dragon, and DragonTurtle.

    This game is particularly captivating because of its detailed and enticing graphics: a lot of diverse sea creatures are constantly floating in different directions across the board. Your excitement only grows with every single catch and you simply cannot get bored, because the game’s dynamic constantly changes with different bonuses and special modes.

    Don’t forget that the number of points you receive from every catch depends on the rarity of the fish. That is why the rarer the fish is — the harder it is to catch, but you will get a higher reward from a lucky shot.

    Sea Paradise

    Sea Paradise is another fish shooting game that is offered to players on Fortune To Go. Besides general rules, some unique types of fish and other sea creatures appear in this game. All of them are floating underwater, constantly appearing and disappearing from the board. Your task is to shoot as many creatures as possible, collecting in-game points from every catch.

    While playing, don’t forget to use various hints at your disposal: modify your cannon by rotating it or changing its type, and aim at rare types of fish in order to gain extra points. As you shoot, don’t forget to notice special types of fish and also unique beasts that can activate different attacking modes. These modes are extremely helpful, as they start shooting large numbers of fish simultaneously and help you to achieve a lot of extra points quickly and without hassle.

    Some of the modes at your disposal are activated as soon as you catch special types of fish. Certain fish are covered with vortexes, so when you shoot such a type of fish you open a vortex that appears in the center of the board and starts quickly capturing different creatures, gaining a lot of additional points for you in a short period of time. Other types of fish can be covered with lightning, so by catching them you activate a bolt of lightning that will attack and eliminate fish of the same species on the board.

    As you can see, you can never grow tired of playing this type of casino games, as different pleasant bonuses appear all the time, changing the course of the game and in this way boosting the process of gaining rewards.

    How to create an account

    In order to create an account at Fortune2Go casino, you have to follow several simple steps. The registration process is quick and requires only your basic information, such as your first and last name, birthday, gender, and email. Notice that to create an account you have to confirm that you are 21 years old or older. Don’t forget to look through and agree to the user agreement.

    As for the Fortune2Go reward program, if you register your account at and make a purchase with a special referral code from another user, you are instantly getting a 30% bonus as a new customer. You can play the bonus points you’ve earned in any game available.

    Besides, if you are a newbie you can receive a new customer bonus. There is a special offer that provides new users with a total of $35 in credits for their first-time purchase of $20. A great place to start!

    How to log in

    You are able to log in to Fortune2Go as soon as you open the app on your mobile device. The required information is your Customer ID and a password. Note that it is better not to check the “Remember” option if you are logging into a public device. On the starting page, you can also choose the language of the interface between two options available — English and Spanish.

    To get face-to-face with your luck, go to Fortune2go20, download an app, and log in. Right after logging in, you can immediately start your gambling experience.

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    Fortune2Go FAQ

    How to Download Fortune2go?

    Most of the time, you don't need to download the game because reputable casinos that accept Fish Games already have it. You may immediately begin playing it by finding it at the casino of your choice or downloading the app.

    How to Win on Fortune2go Fish Game?

    There are various ways to succeed. For instance, by firing the final shot, you may "take" fish that are already loaded with bullets. Keep in mind that the final shot fixes everything, allowing you to pocket the entire sum of money.

    How to Add Money to Fortune2go?

    You can play it for free or for a fee. Keep this in mind if you decide to just play for fun or to test the game itself. If you want to top up your balance, then follow the standard procedure of making a deposit to the casino inside which you play.

    How to Play Fortune2go?

    Actually, it's rather easy. The strategies in this slot machine are largely restricted to financial planning, so you must bet on something of worth and eventually rely exclusively on luck.

    How to Cash Out on Fortune2go?

    Every casino or app has a cash-out feature. You must follow these instructions and use the proper tools in order to deposit money into your bank account. It's important to keep in mind that different casinos have varied processing times for transactions.