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Juwa 777 is a cutting-edge gambling app that aims to stay ahead of the competition. While it sounds a bit odd, the name “juwa” means something. If you translate it from Urdu, the word means “gambling.” Top-notch games like slots, keno, and, fish shooting games, our pride, are available here. This genre has recently entered the Western market from Asia. Gamblers in America and Europe didn’t know much about it until Juwa and other game apps introduced it to them.

Find out more about the application, the games it offers, and registartion process below.

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    User Interface

    The interface of the Juwa 777 app is almost no different from any other casino application, but it’s more convenient due to good optimization. The choice of games is standard – just swipe to the right or left. Account settings are at the top, as well as the ability to withdraw or enter money, which are hidden in the menu. With the app and its modern interface, you can reset your password in case you forget it or change the existing password if you are bored or if you feel your account has been compromised.

    Games Available

    At the moment there are just a ton of different games for every taste for every player. In any case, you need to have certain skills to win. The app features such genres:

    More specifically, here are the names of some of the games we have:

    Games by Juwa are licensed and protected from any kind of fraud. The entire integrity system is hash-based. That is, the substitution of numbers in the RNG will be visible as soon as the game is over. If this happens, the system will automatically block the hacker, and all the victims will get their money back. This system can not make mistakes. The rest will be dealt with by the casino security service.

    Fish Shooting Games

    These games originate from Hong Kong and Singapore where they were introduced as slots. Since then, the main goal hasn’t changed – you need to shoot water creatures with weapons, gathering rewards. The key decision for each gambler is which fish to choose for a shot.

    The fishes vary in rarity and the worth of the rewards. Small fish are easier to kill, but the player earns less reward. Bigger fish are tougher, but the reward will correspond to the complexity as well.

    Fish games allow you o upgrade your guns for more profit. Among other features of this type of game are:

    It’s pretty easy to get used to this game. It’s most appealing to Asian players, but Western customers are beginning to get into it as well. This is the only game right now that offers a real new gaming experience for most players.

    How to Create an Account at Juwa 777

    It is quite easy to register. The procedure is almost no different from the standard registration process in any other casino. You need to provide the following information about yourself:

    Overall, you must complete four stages before playing:

    1. Finalize the registration form and fill out what is required of you.
    2. Download the Juwa app from the casino website. Don’t try to download the application outside of the site. It’s fraught with consequences for your phone and the security of your account.
    3. Purchase your first game credit. With this money, you will play and earn.
    4. Start the game and let luck be with you!

    As you can see, there’s nothing complicated.

    Download the App

    You can either download the application from the official website, which is the most comfortable and safe way.


    The way to download the Juwa game for Android is quite easy, but you need to do it via the official website:

    1. head to Juwa777.com via a mobile browser, scroll down, and select your OS to download Juwa 777 for Android. It will start downloading the official APK.
    2. Run this APK and start installing it.
    3. The application should install successfully and you will see the Juwa game icon on your home screen.

    At the moment, you can’t download the game app on Google Play due to the company’s policies.


    The way to download the Juwa casino for iOS is even simpler. You need to do the following:

    1. Using a mobile browser, go to the official casino page.
    2. There will be a “Download from AppStore” button at the bottom. Tap on it.
    3. You will be redirected to the official AppStore, from where you can download the app.

    If you want to download the Juwa casino directly from the official site, do the following:

    1. Use a mobile browser to go to the official website.
    2. Scroll down and tap “Download for iOS” on the website.
    3. You will be prompted to set a profile. This is the standard procedure for bypassing the AppStore. It will not harm your device.
    4. After installing the profile, you will need to verify it inside your iPhone. Go to settings, profiles, and select the profile by clicking on “Install.”
    5. The Juwa fish game app will install automatically bypassing the AppStore and appear on your home screen.
    6. Launch the app, log in with your credentials, and play. If you forget your password, you can always recover it using the same app or website.

    You can also download the iOS app from dl.777 Juwa.

    As you can see, there’s nothing complicated about the process of installing the app on both Android mobile phones and iPhones.

    How to Log in

    If you want to enjoy Juwa sweepstakes and games, you need to log in first. If you’ve already registered an account, do the following:

    1. Go to the app or the casino website.
    2. In the “Nickname” or “Email” field, enter the email account that you registered on this site.
    3. Enter the password that you entered when you registered.
    4. You are logged in. If forgot the password, you can reset it by tapping on “Reset Password.”

    Now you can safely enter and withdraw money to electronic money, and after that withdraw them in cash.

    Start Playing Juwa 777 Now!

    ? Name Juwa 777
    ? Number of Slots 19
    ? Number of Fish Tables 10
    ▶️ Mode for Free (Demo), for Real Money
    ? In Game Jackpots Yes
    ? Country United States of America
    ? Language English
    ? Currency US Dollar
    ? Play At  Home Yes
    ? Mobile Android, iOS

    At the moment, the game app trend is popular around the world and Juwa is no exception. And its fish shooting games are great. Offering a great selection of games, Juwa is a fast-growing casino platform that has received all the necessary licenses to operate in most countries. All player data remains anonymous and all the additional information that players send remains outside the reach of third parties. You just can’t be tracked down by the IRS or anyone else. All transactions are hidden from the government under the umbrella of privacy law. That sets Juwa apart from most centralized casinos, and that’s the app is growing pretty rapidly right now.

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    Juwa 777 FAQ

    How to Download Juwa 777?

    Most of the time, you can play this at reputable casinos that accept Fish Games without having to download it. By using the browser or search function of the casino of your choosing, you can quickly find it and begin playing.

    How to Win on Juwa 777 Fish Game?

    Winning is achieved by killing floating animals or destroying items that promise huge bonuses. Keep in mind that small objects bring less profit than larger ones.

    How to Add Money to Juwa 777?

    In most situations, all you have to do is follow the internal instructions. After completing your registration with a certain gambling platform, you will be prompted to make your initial deposit.

    How to Play Juwa 777?

    In reality, it's rather straightforward. Due to the fact that the tactics in this slot are largely confined to financial planning, you must gamble on some value and finally rely solely on luck.

    How to Cash Out on Juwa 777?

    Each casino and app offers a cash-out feature. You must abide by these rules and make use of the necessary tools in order to deposit money into your bank account. Keep in mind that different casinos have varying transaction processing durations.