Go Fish Casino – Blacklisted

Go Fish Casino was established in 2011, and it was a part of the Silverstone Overseas Casinos group. Due to the unresolved and illegal business practices, this casino is no longer operating. However, it worked under the Curaçao Jurisdiction license when it was functioning. Acceptable currencies at this casino were US dollars, euros, GBP, and ZAR.

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    The site also had a welcome bonus for new players. The award was 177% of your initial deposit (no matter how much the deposit was).

    Go Fish is considered rogue mainly because of the unprofessional behavior towards the clients and for not paying them. The casino received numerous complaints regarding withdrawal problems. Although Go Fish doesn’t exist anymore (as far as we managed to find out), it is going to remain among the blacklisted casinos. This casino can serve as a bad example of how you should not run an online gambling business.  

    Besides, it is worth mentioning that there is one online gambling site with the same name on the Internet. However, we don’t have any relevant information about it, only that it was established in 2018. It appears to be a weak rebranding attempt, so make sure to tread carefully while visiting the new casino.

    First Impression

    Given the fact that Go Fish Casino is out of function, we are not able to see how the website looked. Although, we did find some relevant data on the Internet about the games and other specialties that Go Fish casino used to have.

    According to the online sources, Go Fish had an ocean-themed site with the aquatic motives, and apparently, the site was a bit above the average. Also, we are aware of the lack of quality concerning customer support and their unprofessional approach to the clients. Multiple negative reviews are there to prove it, and it is not strange that this casino is among the lowest-ranked ones on the casino lists.

    Games and Software

    Go Fish casino games were powered by Rival, one of the leading software providers currently. It has an excellent game assortment and “no deposit bonus” offer. Games were unique and interesting. Majority of them were slots (classic ones and i-Slots). Besides, they offered table games, online poker, and different types of roulette.

    Go Fish casino’s “no deposit” bonus was a part of a promotional act where it tried to attract as many clients as possible. It had an option for the players who had never played in the casino before to try free gambling for 60 minutes. During that promo period, the players could use $377 in free money and play all the games they wanted.

    It is surprising that such an appalling casino had such good games, but it owes this to its cooperation with Rival.

    Rival Software

    As we previously mentioned, Rival was providing the games for this casino. If nothing else, we can say that this is one significant positive aspect of Go Fish.

    Rival came onto the scene in 2006, and it is providing casinos with one of the most quality game content ever since. The company rapidly gained popularity shortly after starting the operation. Nowadays, it is famous all around the globe, and some of the most reputable casinos are working with them.

    One of the best products that Rival has are video slots, and they indeed are among the best on the market. The company produces original and entertaining slot games, and each one of them is filled with unusual features. Apart from the unique design and storyline that is always amusing, the games are of high quality and excellent speed.

    Besides slots, Rival offers numerous other games, such as table and video poker alternatives. Moreover, there is an adequate amount of other games such as Blackjack, Red Dog, or Sudoku presented.

    Rival games are often available both as downloadable software and via browser (by using Adobe Flash). On top of that, Rival games are available for mobile casinos. Therefore, it’s noticeable that the company is trying to keep up with the latest updates in the gaming business and keeps showing how innovative it can be.

    User Experience

    Go Fish casino has a lot of unresolved complaints about the “no deposit” bonus offer. Apparently, it wasn’t as great as it sounds. One user was sharing his unpleasant experience with the site regarding the bonus free trial. He was playing all the games that he usually did. However, he couldn’t prosper, and there was no chance for him to win anything. He was disappointed in the games and the casino winnings. Soon after 60 minutes ended, he decided that this casino is not a good option for the deposit. Luckily, he saved himself from absolute failure.

    Go Fish either had extremely poor customer service or such didn’t even exist, because they haven’t replied to any of the messages from the clients. One user had a problem with the withdrawal of around $1,000, and no one was there to help him. It is unnecessary to mention that he never got to see his money. Soon after that, the casino stopped working.

    Our Verdict

    Although the casino is out of business, we can never know whether it is going to come back under a different name or not. Therefore, it is crucial that you remain updated about rogue casinos, regardless of whether they still function or not.

    Go Fish casino is currently closed. Though, as we mentioned at the beginning, there is one quite similar to this one, and there is a slight possibility that the same people are behind it as they were with Go Fish. It is unquestionably bad news for the gamblers. However, let’s not panic without valid information, let’s just remain cautious instead. Therefore, read about the new casinos that come online overnight. Also, compare the casino sites with some of the blacklisted ones, and if you find something suspicious share it with other gamblers. That’s how you protect yourself and others from any potential damage.